C/Z Purlin Machine


The listing roll forming machines are designed for the production of the most commonly used supporting beams for building C shaped steel purlin & Z shaped steel purlins as well as solar panel mounting structure and cable tray. Both C/Z purlin roll forming machine are technically capable to produce 1 to 3 mm steel purlins and sometimes up to 5mm thickness required for special application. Punching holes are available. This C&Z purlin quick-change roll forming machine can produce C shaped steel purlin & Z shaped steel purlins, solar panel, cable tray profiles only by simple steps adjustment without changing rollers. Roll forming machine consist of a decoiler, feeding guide, punching rollers, leveling unit, roll forming unit, hydraulic punching device, hydraulic cutter, hydraulic pump and PLC base control system. Everything could be operated on the PLC control system with touch screen, such as required quantities, required lengths and require holes etc. This interchangeable C/Z purlin roll forming machine could produce both C & Z purlins with difference sizes automatically it takes 10-30 minutes to change the production, there is no need to change cutter for different sizes of C&Z steel purlins & Solar structure purlins because cutter is adjustable as well punching tools are assembled after roll forming and the distance is also adjustable.

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